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20+ Random Acts of Kindness


We here at Inspire(d) often talk about changing the world…or, more accurately, changing the community. But what about simply brightening someone’s day? That, honestly, changes the world right there. We thought we’d put together a fun list of ways to easily bring a smile to your family, friends’, neighbors’, and fellow community-members’ faces. It’s not so hard, and, happily, it makes both the giver and receiver feel all kinds of good.

“Kindness Week” is celebrated in February, but we think any time is a great time for compassion and general good-ness! So click below for more than 20 ways to brighten your days (it’s gotta rhyme, right?!). Read more about “Random Act of Kindness” .



Change Your World: Be An Acorn!

change your world

9 Ways to Change Your World

It doesn’t always seem like you can change the world, but you can certainly change your world…any day, any time. So in honor of Inspire(d)’s ninth birthday (Happy birthday, paper baby), we’re sharing 9 ways you can change your world today!

1. Be a good friend.

2. Meet your neighbors.

3. Look on the bright side.

4. Support local businesses.

5. Cook.

6. Smile.

7. Do something you’ve always dreamed of (it’s inspiring)!

8. Volunteer.

9. Make stuff.

We can do this, friends!