Community Builders -

10 Community Builders in the Driftless

A community is defined as a unified body of individuals. You can build community in a neighborhood, city, region, state, nation…world, at any level. It doesn’t have to be big to have a big impact. Building community is the most important thing we can do on this planet. Connecting with others helps us connect with our humanity, and realize we’re all in this together. The Driftless Region is full of amazing community builders! Read on to learn about 10 great groups or people, just for starters. We’ll keep sharing more in coming decades! XO -Aryn

1. Liz Rog & Brad Crawford

2. John Condon

3. Lissa Carlson

4. Mike Ashbacher

5. Lora Friest

6. Patrick ‘Red’ Longmire / Red’s IGA

7. Adam Wiltgen

8. Roxanne Schnitzler & Jessica Rediske / Red-Roxy Quilt Co.

9, Shannon Dallenbach Durbin / ArtHaus

10. Greg Wennes / Sunrise Care Facility