Paper Projects -

How to Make a Paper Heart Garland!

We love having these cute paper heart garlands up around the house year-round, but February is a special time for love, right?! So let’s put a little love up around this joint!

Paper (I used red cardstock, but I think regular paper would work just fine too, and in any color you’d like)
Paper punch
Guillotine paper cutter (I call it the woosh woosh cutter) or scissors
String or twine
Stapler (not pictured)

1. Take your stack of paper and measure out an even number of strips – it was just shy of 1 1/5 inch strips for my 8.5 x 11 pages, cut the long way.

2. Cut along your measurements. The more strips you make, the longer your garland – you decide!

3. Fold your strips in half and curve the ends in together to form a heart.

4. Mark on your first strip where you will punch your holes (this will be your template).

5. Punch holes in all your strips.

6. Reconnect your end pieces, top hole to top hole.

7. Staple the ends while shaped into a heart.

8. Thread the string through your hearts. I found a little tape on the end of my string made it easier to thread through the hearts (my paper punch was a little small – you might not have any trouble).

9. Hang and spread the love! Happy paper project-ing!