Paper Projects -

How to Make a Paper Lantern!


Paper (I like red for Chinese New Year, but you can use any you like, 8.5 x 11 works best)
Tape or Stapler

1. Make sure the your paper is wrong side up (if you’re using patterned paper, the pattern would be facing the table). Measure 1 inch from the short end and make a line with a pencil. Cut along the line and save this piece for your handle.

2. Fold the remaining paper lengthwise (keeping the wrong side out).

3. Measure 1 inch along the long (open) edge and make a line. Then, along the fold, make a mark every inch.

4. Cut up to the full line at each mark.

5. Turn your paper right side out.

6. Roll it into a tube and tape or staple the edges together.

7. Push the lantern down to open up the slits a bit.

8. Tape or staple the handle inside the top, and you’re done! Make several to hang in a doorway or just a few to decorate your home. But keep away from flames – these are for decorative purposes only!

Happy Chinese New Year!