Paper Projects -

How to Make a Paper Pinwheel!

Paper Projects: Pinwheeeeeeels!

Supplies• Square-ish scrap of paper
– patterns are nice, but you can use whatever you’d like
• Scissors
• New (or new-ish) pencil with eraser still intact
• Pushpin

1. The goal is to have as square a piece of paper as possible.
So fold diagonally and cut off the excess to make a nice, square for your pinwheel.

2. Fold on the opposite diagonal as well to get your lines that go from corner to corner
– these will be your cut marks!

3. See?

4. Cut from each corner about halfway to the center, like so.

5. And it’s already time to assemble! Push your pin through the first corner.

I find it’s easiest to stick the pushpin through one corner at a time
(when you gather them all at once there’s always one that seems to slip out!).

When you’ve done all the corners, it should look like this!

6. The final push is through the base of the pinwheel and into the eraser of the pencil.

7. Enjoy! I think pinwheels are super relaxing to watch on a breezy summer day.
Happy paper projecting! Thanks for visiting Inspire(d)!