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Lifelong Learning: Infographic

By Aryn Henning Nichols | Fall 2022 Inspire(d)

Back to school (of life…every day…)

It’s back to school time, and, as an adult, I find that brings up a mix of emotions.

I am a little sad to see the summer go – long days, warm sunshine, more time with my family. But I love the sound of the marching band practicing in the distance, the smell of new school notebooks, and the anticipation of a new beginning. 

Okay, so honestly, despite what I may have said on the occasional morning in junior high, I’ve always loved school. Or perhaps it’s better said that I’ve always loved learning.

I know we don’t all feel this way, but I do think that all learning comes from a place of curiosity, and that we ARE all curious, in some way or another.

Tapping into that curiosity is what pushes us to be lifelong learners. And constantly learning – bettering ourselves and being open to what others can teach us or what we can learn about ourselves – this can open up the whole world. 

Psychologists – across the field and over many decades – have compiled research on the many benefits of curiosity. It enhances intelligence, boosts mental and physical energy, and gives us a deeper engagement in life.

The key is being willing to search out what interests you, what you want to learn more about. For me, right now, it’s power tools. I want to learn how to use them all, and then I want to learn how to build stuff. Fingers crossed that this fall is when I get to make my attempt – if I do, you can watch me fail or succeed here online, because you can bet your booty I’m going to let you follow along on my learning adventure, ha!

That’s the thing: Lifelong learning doesn’t have to be like “school”. It can be structured however you want it to be – you are in charge of the situation. Let the world be your classroom and your curiosity your driver (a little power tool pun). 

Class is in session!