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Paper Project: Pop Up Gnome Card!


This little pop-up gnome card was so fun to put together! You all know we love gnomes around here (and unicorns and rainbows and…), so it makes perfect sense that we’d make something gnome-y for our summer issue of Inspire(d). We’re sure your friend, girlfriend, mom, neighbor…pretty much anyone would love to get one of these in their mailboxes!

So, you know… make lots of them and spread the gnome card joy! You can print them here for free!

You’ve got a few pop up gnome card options:

What did the Norwegian say in Decorah? I’m gnome!

Inside & Outside

PopUpGnomeCard_Outside1 PopUpGnome3

When I’m with you… I’m gnome!

Inside & Outside


What’s up…Gnomie!

Inside & Outside


Here’s the step-by-step:

1. Print out your card on cardstock (template downloads are above). Make sure you print front and back correctly (every printer is different, so hopefully you can figure this part out on your own…)



2. Cut on the dotted line and carefully cut out the hat and ears.

PopUpGnome11 PopUpGnome10 PopUpGnome9

3. Fold in half. I suggest starting your crease at the point of the hat, if you can. Depending on how things printed, there might be some excess paper. Feel free to trim that down if you’re worried about it being perfectly centered.

PopUpGnome7 PopUpGnome6

4. Open the card back up and reverse the crease on the gnome’s hat, down to about his mouth. Fold it into the card at about a 55-60 degree angle.

PopUpGnome5 PopUpGnome4 PopUpGnome3

5. Hooray! Your pop up gnome card is done! Write on it, sign it, stick it in an envelope, or just pop it open and shut for yourself! He’s pretty cute, we think!

PopUpGnome2 PopUpGnome1