Inspire(d) Ideas -

Infographic: Wrapping Up

By Aryn Henning Nichols | Winter 2021-22

For me, the winter theme “Wrapping Up” encompasses both the idea of cozying in, and the fact that we’re finishing up a year, with all its good days and bad days over and done. As we head into this season, let’s spend some time thinking about the past year, learning from our experiences, and remembering we need to rest and recharge to start anew in 2022.

“Rest is Productive” is a mantra that’s been something of a lighthouse for me through 2021. It was the first year in many that I put my mental and physical health as a top priority, and it has made all the difference in EVERYTHING. And, ironically, I’m getting more done than ever.

Rest is something we need throughout the whole year – not just winter or the end of the year – but the stillness of this season (and the occasional ice storm or -10 degree day) lends itself perfectly to beginning this habit anew.

In fact, the start of a new year often coincides with new habits (news flash, right?!). I recently read this is called the “Fresh Start Effect” – the idea that a person might modify past behaviors with new, positive ones once they reach a temporal (i.e. time-based) landmark (like a new year, new month, birthday, anniversary, etc). It can act as a reset button to help us get back on track with our goals.

On the opposite end of that spectrum is what I’m calling the “Deadline Effect” (as a publisher of a magazine, I live with so many deadlines!). I put my goals into high gear as I approach a deadline, and like to look at goals on a monthly basis, with fresh starts at the beginning of the month, deadlines at the end, and lots of good rest in between. I believe we are more likely to achieve our goals with a series of fresh starts and deadlines – they can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…it’s all up to you! Throughout the next section of this Inspire(d), you can read more about rest and transitions, and see what works for you.

As for me, I know my desire to always have “productivity” is a whole other ball of yarn I’ll need to unravel! But I’ll have to do that work myself. Maybe in 2022?!

Happy New Year, friends! Let’s make it a good one!

XOXO – Aryn