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Anyway, this is your landing page for ALL of our content. Here at Inspire(d), we write about inspiring people, places, and things in or related to the Driftless Region.

Community Builders

Caitlyn Konze

The Bronze Dragon is a one-of-a-kind, welcoming place for people who don’t or can’t drink, that is safe for the queer community, and accessible for all.

Community Builders

Laura Gentry

From her big smile and zealous laugh, to her colorful outfits and statement glasses, anyone who comes across Rev. Laura Gentry can feel her warm energy and contagious joy.

Biophilia: Our Gateway to Nature

Driftless Stories

Biophilia: Our Gateway to Nature

In 1984, as parachute pants landed in clothing outlets and floppy discs took the then nascent computer world by storm, the late, great Harvard biologist Dr. Edward Wilson popularized a term that recalibrated our relationship with the natural world: biophilia.

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