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Read the Winter 2015-2016 Inspire(d) Online Here:

Winter 2015-2016 Inspire(d)

December 1, 2015 is national Giving Tuesday! We’ve gathered up a great group of locals to share their ideas and tips on giving in their communities. Check that and the entire Winter 2015-2016 Inspire(d) Magazine online here today (on stands later this week)!

Here’s what you’ll get to read:

How Locals Are Living Generously • Sum of Your Business: Kate Rattenborg/Dragonfly Books • DIY Hot Cocoa, Play Dough, Bubbles • Importance of Me Time (Infographic!) • Driftless Day Trip: Mt La Crosse + Snowflake Ski Jump + KVR • Mississippi Mirth: Community Matters • Paper Project: Adult Coloring Page! • Probituary: Sigrid Peterson